Each act is different, so please watch all 3 demo videos to see which style suits you best. Hank is the main artist in 3 different acts.  Select a photo below to watch Demo Video.

If you are looking for live music to suit all ages and fun family entertainment for your function, whether it’s a large event like a Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Dinner-Dance etc., or just a small gathering of people in your own home, or a care home, or day centre etc... you’ve come to the right place, and as a bonus, it’s NOT TOO LOUD. There’s nothing worse than having a family get together and discovering that the band won’t turn the volume down. Check out some of the brilliant references from past clients.

Hank and Michele have been performing together professionally as the duo RAMBLIN’ FORDS since 1989.  Hank is also available to book solo for a three hour show as  HANK BEMARVIN  or if you are looking for a cabaret act that mixes vocals, guitar playing and a bit of comedy, then have a look at Hank’s other act, SINGALONG WITH HANK.

The three acts are different, so explore this site and watch the online demo videos of each one to make up your mind which best suits your requirements. For more details of each act, just click on one of the photos or use the menu.

1910’s-1940’s Singalongs / War Songs, Line Dancing, Reggae, Pop, Disco, Glam Rock, Ballroom, Party Songs,  Rockabilly, & also a few from the 80’s & 90’s etc.

Country & Western 1970’s 1960’s THEME NIGHTS Also available for Rock ‘n’ Roll Singalong with Hank Singalong with Hank Hank Bemarvin 1950’s These Demo Videos are available FREE on request, either on DVD or VHS Video Tape. Hank Bemarvin Ramblin' Fords
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